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Liberty Blossom — Adjustable Straps


This face mask is made from 100% cotton. All components are sourced from different suppliers in New Zealand. With this purchase you’re keeping yourself and others protected whilst also supporting the local economy. Remember to wash your hands and be kind. Libby wears size M.


A few quick tips

 • Secure the mask over your ears, avoid touching the fabric with your hands. 

 • Make sure it covers your nose and mouth, the curvy edge sits below your eyes. 

 • Remember to wash your mask after each wear in hot soapy water. 

• Dry in direct sunlight on your washing line outside if possible. Sunshine is proven to help kill bacteria. Otherwise a warm tumble dry will do.

• If you like your mask to look crisp, a hot iron is fine but please avoid the elastic straps, they do not like the direct heat, trust me! 

• Allow up to 2% shrinkage.

• If you find your mask is a little tight, gently stretch out the elastic. It will soften up over time.

  • We don't discriminate here. Sizes and colours are for all! If you're petite or have a broad jawline, get in touch and we can point you in the right direction.