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Born in lockdown 2020, Oosterom is a New Zealand-made label with the vision to create considered clothing that treads lightly on the planet. Operating from head designer Nicole’s home in Te Atatū Peninsula, Auckland, we draw inspiration from many places. But one source we consistently look to is our community of adored friends and customers. 


Something a bit different about us is that we don’t believe in ‘seasons’. We believe in creating capsule collections, where pieces from one complement the next. We also believe in a garment’s timelessness and longevity. As Nicole puts it, the pieces are made to be so good, that your daughter will want to ‘borrow’ them in 2050.


As a testament to the quality of Oosterom creations, Nicole has seen brides’ faces light up and fellow entrepreneur Chloe Swarbrick don her garments. Moments that would be sure to make Pietje van Oosterom, Nicole’s Oma, and the brand’s namesake proud. 


Some moments call for something extra special. A dream dress, shirt or pant suit that does the occasion justice. That’s where our bespoke option comes in. 


We’ll craft your ideal silhouette. It could be a sleeve, collar or bodice you love from the Oosterom collection, or a unique cut, envisaged especially for you. We will bring that garment to life using fabric you love. 


It’s a collaborative but simple process so get in touch to get started.


Each Oosterom garment is made-to-order. This means before we even begin production, the wearer has picked out their piece, and has a space in their wardrobe ready and waiting. We work within and beyond standard sizing, so if standard sizing doesn’t quite cut it for you, we will cut it for you. Carefully considering your proportions. 


For our latest collection: TWO, every couple of weeks, pre-orders will open for a selection of styles. You'll have a week to tell us the pieces you see destined for your wardrobe, as well as your size or measurements before we go ahead with a batch run of production. 


This way, we can efficiently cut, sew and press your garments. It also means no overproduction, benefiting the planet, and no unnecessary costs, benefiting you. 

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